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Flagship Department of The Unique Group of Institutions

R&D is the flagship department of the Unique Group of Institutions. The predominant department was founded to bring about a marked change in the ongoing system and make it distinguishable from other departments. Its vision is to co-generate ideas on multifarious challenges with a community of researchers, authors, practitioners, and skilled experts to bring about transformative change in order to meet the ever-increasing demands for a credible education system.

Our Team

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Muhammad Abdullah

Additional Director

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Miss Sobia Sarwar


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Prof. Mir Hammad-ur-Rehman


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Prof. Muhammad Arshad

Research Coordinator

Research Team

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Atta Ullah

Research Associate Math

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Hafiz Saif Ur Rehman

Research Associate Urdu

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Wishal Butt

Research Associate Biology

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Khushhal Khan

Research Associate English

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Prof. Iqra Anees

Senior Research Associate (Chemistry)

Arts & Design Team

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Syeda Afshan Ijaz

HOD Arts Section

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Ms. Ayesha Aziz

Senior Officer, Art & Design

Examination Team

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Muneeb Ahmed

Assistant Examination

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Muhammad Ramzan

Officer Establishment

Composing Team

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Muhammad Iqbal

Head of the Composing section

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Mukhtar Ali


R&D Departments are Backbone of The Unique Group of Institutions

Training & Development

This department is committed to providing training to all employees in a Unique Group of Institutions. It ensures that all employees have training opportunities to develop and enhance their level of knowledge, skill, and competency required for the efficient and effective conduct of their respective roles and responsibilities. With the collaboration of the Training & Development Department, it also works to prepare them for future Growth Plans.

At UGI, teacher learning is a continuous process that promotes parents to develop proficiencies in helping our students to improve their learning goals. Continuous professional development for UGI teachers refers to the policies, procedures, and provisions to prepare the teachers with the knowledge, skills, and attitude required while dealing with the students effectively in a classroom, on the campus, or in parent-teacher meetings.

Research and development plans and develop training programs and sessions for both teaching and non-teaching staff to enhance their educational skills (subject command), Soft skills (English), overall organizational behavior, time management, and the latest strategies to motivate the students.

R&D Training for new pedagogy

Plan Frameworks

The training and development department, with the collaboration of the Research and Development Department, plans frameworks for the development of learning materials (Unique Notes, Unique Text Books, and Unique Teacher’s Resource Books, etc.) using new ideas. Moreover, it keeps on updating the content material for the website of the institution.

Develop Training Modules

The department’s objective is to develop training modules to facilitate teachers with resources to understand the significance of the teaching-learning process and also to assess the Training Program through feedback forms.

Review Academic Research and Development

The planning of training agenda, with the collaboration of the Training & Development Department, is to provide training to all UGI staff members and to review previous pieces of training to further speed up the training process.

Under the supervision of the controller of examination, all schedules, date sheets, revision tests schedules, and admission tests are conducted in all UGI campuses by following proper SOPs.


Unique Group of Institutions has a centralized education system. All the policies, documentation, assessment and testing are centralized maintaining their transparency, validity and reliability. The uniform scheme of studies and syllabus ensures the quality of our academics. The success of any Education System recons on the Centralized examination system, which is our distinguished feature.

Paper Development

Considering the prerequisites of centralized examination system, Unique Group of Institutions has a proficient team of authors for standardized paper development, which after being prepared and proofread by the relevent author undergoes a strict review of the researcher, is meant to be in accordance with the object of achieving the modern highest standards of assessment and the best results in final Exams.

Paper Collection

From all the UGI campuses, papers are sent to the Controller of Examination at R&D Department.

Swapping of Papers

For effective paper checking, the papers are swapped away to different campuses with cryptic codes to ensure confidentiality and impartiality in checking process.

Paper Checking And Marking Process

Another important task for which the examination cell is the responsibility of the paper checking and marking process. In order to maintain secrecy and fair marking, the external marking policy is used in which papers of campuses are collected in the department. On receiving the papers, the examination department takes all possible measures to submit papers to different campuses of UGI. In this way, a fair marking policy target is achieved.

Papers Rechecking

The papers are returned back to R&D and if any campus has any objection regarding marking of the items, it is reported through the campus Principals to R&D Examination Department. The papers are then rechecked by the subject specialists in order to make final decision regarding marking policy.

The omnificent Department of Arts is the team responsible for decorating the campuses and offices according to the requirements. Besides, it aspires to instill an aesthetic sense among its students. All the departments conscientiously act their roles by being mindful of every little detail that can support the worthy Chairman’s vision.

4th Annual National Youth Summit

Annual Art & Craft Exhibition

Art competition by Traffic Police

Awakener National Art Competition

Drawing Workshop

ICat Art Competition

Nazaria-E- Pakistan Trust

UGI Art Competition

A2Z Art Comeptition 2022

Catso Art competition 2022

کلام اقبال کل پاکستان مقابلہ مصوری 2022

Art compepetition on Iqbal Portrait by Nazaria-i-Pakistan trust 2023

3rd Annual Art and Craft Exhibition 2023


Catso International Event 2023

Iqbal Portrait Painting by Narazria-e-Pakistan Trust

Painting Comeptition by Lahore Art Council (Alhamra)

Composing Department in RnD is skilled enough to work on MS Word, In-page, Photoshop, Corel Draw & InDesign.

Creates vibrant and eye-catching books and notes using artistic expertise.

Masters color theory and typography for captivating layouts.

Collaborates closely with content creators for seamless design integration.

Stays updated with design trends and innovative technologies.

Backbone of the publishing process, elevating the brand image of Safoora & Unique publications with impactful materials.


UGI R&D Plays a Pivotal Role in Providing Sustenance to the Overall Academic Program

The research and Development Department of a Unique Group of Institutions plays a pivotal role in providing sustenance to the overall academic program. R&D develops and validates the educational process and overall activities at UGI. It comprises studying the research and finding it relatable to the content likely to be developed. A team of highly qualified experts works in collaboration with different departments to fulfill the purpose of developmental activities. UGI R&D Department involves creating improved versions of the academic content with the collaboration of.

  • Principals
  • Authors
  • Publications
  • Media Department
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resource


R&D Department is Determined to Strive for all the Targets it Yearns to Achieve.

R&D Department is determined to strive for all the targets it yearns to achieve.

Teachers Training & Workshops.

Teachers’ Training and workshops are the high motives of R & D, including Teachers’ training and workshops based on TNAs (Training Need Assessments/Analysis).

Development Of Quality Books & Notes.

Through the close linkage between the highly skilled authors and Research Associates, ingenious ideas are engendered for developing learning material in the form of books and notes which facilitate the students beyond anything.

UGI Notes

UGI Notes are developed carefully as a helping material containing solutions of the questions and additional exercises that facilitate students in learning their content and prepare well for their exams. These notes are properly coded with the important exam questions and past papers are also solved to help students prepare for the exams smartly.

UGI Text Books

UGI Textbooks are developed on the vision of worthy Chairperson UGI. These books are developed by the competent authors who have special skills in developing textbooks. The authors analyze and develop the books as per need on the guidelines prescribed by textbooks following the standards and benchmarks provided by the National Curriculum of Pakistan.

UGI Practical Notebooks

UGI Practical notebooks are specially developed keeping the market demand in consideration. These practical books are developed according to the prescribed curriculum.

UGI Entry Test Books

UGI Entry Test Books are developed to help the students in preparing for ECAT and MDCAT. The authors prepare the items with great vigilance so that students may get maximum benefit in exams.

Designing model papers.

Teachers’ Training and workshops are the high motives of R & D, including Teachers’ training and workshops based on TNAs (Training Need Assessments/Analysis).

UGI laboratory

UGI exceeds expectations by nurturing the students with hands-on practical & functional knowledge related to Science and Computer. Unique always extends its support providing its disciples with the state of the art, well equipped and learning-friendly Science and Computer Laboratories where students are free to explore new horizons.

Self-Assessment Software.

One of the chief projects of R n D is to test the entrants’ aptitude, which is well examined through Admission Test, Auto Test Generator, and Unique Test Online.

Admission Test

This is a platform, which provides software-generated assessments and evaluations.

Auto Test Generator

this is another platform that helps students do their self-assessment.

Unique Test Online

is also of prime importance as it benefits students in acing through the entry test and getting enrolled in their dream college/university.

UGI Academic Activity Examination System

The Research and Development Department collaborates with UGI schools in planning and developing syllabus for the whole term and prepares schedules for the internal and external examination. The syllabus is verified by the head of departments and is implemented carefully throughout the session.