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Research and Development

Research and Development department is the backbone of any organization that supports the creation of new knowledge and facilitates continuous development. Research and Development is a continuous process that is applied over the existing system to analyze the needs of the organization to increase its efficiency and efficacy by the incorporation of innovative, creative and developmental activities. There is evidence that R&D is becoming increasingly embedded within the other relative areas in schools. Active research in a school engages teachers in improving their own practice which drives school improvement and leads to greater outcomes of the whole school community. Research and Development Department of Unique Group of Institutions plays a pivotal role in providing sustenance to the overall academic program. R&D develops and validates educational process and over all activities at UGI. It consists of studying research finding relatable to the content likely to be developed. A team of highly qualified experts work in collaboration with different departments to fulfill the purpose of developmental activities. UGI R&D Department involves the process of creating new and improved version of the academic content with the collaboration of

Academic Research and Development
UGI Centralized Examination System
UGI Training & Development
UGI Science Laboratory
UGI Art & Craft Department
UGI Literary Department
UGI Library

Resource Centre

Academic Research and Development

Resource Centre for Academic Research & Development is treasured with professionals who work efficiently to develop academic content. A team of Authors and Research Associates get together to produce innovative ideas for developing learning material in the form of notes and textbooks that are sold in the market like hot cakes. The quality of the content material, learning tips and updated scheme of studies facilitate students beyond satisfaction. This department handles multiple projects for which a high level of dedication and collaboration is required. The main objectives of this department are to:

UGI Research and Development

Research and Development Projects

UGI Notes

UGI Notes are developed carefully as a helping material containing solutions of the questions and additional exercises that facilitate students in learning their content and prepare well for their exams. These notes are properly coded with the important exam questions and past papers are also solved to help students prepare for the exams smartly.

UGI Text Books

UGI Textbooks are developed on the vision of worthy Chairperson UGI. These books are developed by the competent authors who have special skills in developing textbooks. The authors analyze and develop the books as per need on the guidelines prescribed by textbooks following the standards and benchmarks provided by the National Curriculum of Pakistan.

UGI Practical Notebooks

UGI Practical notebooks are specially developed keeping the market demand in consideration. These practical books are developed according to the prescribed curriculum.

UGI Entry Test Books

UGI Entry Test Books are developed to help the students in preparing for ECAT and MDCAT. The authors prepare the items with great vigilance so that students may get maximum benefit in exams.

UGI Academic Activity Examination System

The Research and Development Department collaborates with UGI schools in planning and developing syllabus for the whole term and prepares schedules for the internal and external examination. The syllabus is verified by the head of departments and is implemented carefully throughout the session.

UGI Research and Development

Centralized Examination System

Centralized Education System

Unique Group of institutions has centralized education system. All the policies, documentation, assessment and testing are centralized maintaining their transparency, validity and reliability. The uniform scheme of studies and syllabus ensures quality of our academics.

Examination Department

The Examination Department conducts exams across UGI main campuses and Partner campuses. The centralized policy helps in maintaining exam cycle through a proper channel. Under the supervision of controller of exams, all schedules, date sheets, revision tests schedules and admission tests are conducted by following proper standards of procedures (SOPs).

Paper Checking And Marking Process

Another important task for which examination cell is responsible is the paper checking and marking process. In order to maintain the secrecy and fair marking according to external marking policy is used in which papers of campuses are collected in the department. On receiving the papers, the examination department takes all possible measures to submit papers to different campuses of UGI. In this way a fair marking policy target is achieved.

Papers Rechecking

The papers are returned back to R&D and if any campus has any objection regarding marking of the items, they report it through the campus Principals to R&D Examination Department. The papers are then rechecked by the subject specialists in order to make final decision regarding marking policy.

Research and Development

Training & Development

R&D - Training function is committed to provide appropriate training to all employees in Unique Group of Institutions. It ensures that all employees have appropriate and relevant training opportunities to develop and enhance their level of knowledge, skills, and competencies required for the efficient and effective conduct of their respective roles and responsibilities and prepare them for future growth. At UGI, teacher learning is a continuous process that promotes Parents to develop proficiencies towards helping our students to improve learning. Continuous professional development for UGI teachers refers to the policies, procedures, and provisions to prepare teachers with the knowledge, skills, and attitude required while dealing with the students effectively in a classroom, campus, and parents teacher meetings. R&D plan and develop training programs and sessions for both teaching and Non-teaching staff to enhance their educational skills (subject command), Soft skills (English), overall organization, time management and latest strategies to motivate the students.

Academic Research and Development

Plan training agenda with the collaboration of Training & Development Department to provide training to all UGI staff members. Review previous trainings to further accelerate the training process

Review the Learning Material

Review the learning material (Unique Notes, Unique Text Books , Unique Teachers Resource Books etc.) used by the students and teachers to analyze its effectiveness. Reflect on training plan to further suggest and recommend training needs of the learners

Plan Frameworks

Plan frameworks for the development of learning material (Unique Notes, Unique Text Books, and Unique Teachers Resource Books etc.) using new ideas. Update content material for the website of the institution

Evaluate the Learning Resources

Evaluate the learning resources (Unique Notes, Unique Text Books, and Unique Teachers Resource Books etc.) through feedback and surveys to make report on the progress of this department develop new items for online test.

Learning Resources

Develop learning resources (Unique Notes, Unique Text Books, and Unique Teachers Resource Books etc.) for the students and teachers for effective teaching learning process.Develop new items for online test.

Develop Training Modules

Develop training modules to facilitate teachers with resources to understand the significance of teaching learning process. Assess Training Program through feedback forms.

UGI Research and Development

Literary Wing

UGI Library

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of a library”, Jorge Luis Borges. Libraries are fertile with the energy that fuels the nations. Unique has the vision to cascade an extensive array of modern as well as classic books based upon poly-disciplines to quench the thirst for knowledge of the students of the contemporary era. UGI campuses are ornamented with the libraries where books are issued through a smooth process to the students.

UGI laboratory

UGI exceeds expectations by nurturing the students with hands-on practical & functional knowledge related to Science and Computer. Unique always extends its support providing its disciples with the state of the art, well equipped and learning-friendly Science and Computer Laboratories where students are free to explore new horizons.

UGI Research and Development

Art and Craft Department

Art and Design Department is here to serve the UGI in a way better to produce and improve the students to be able to take out their thoughts on canvas in a productive way and make them teach Art as an affective subject or profession to be taken as. Art & Design department is working on Curriculum, Art Competition, Art Exhibitions, and TNA of art teachers, TNA of Teachers Writing, Art workshop and training for teachers and students.

Art Curriculum

Art &Design Department develops curriculum for students from Nursery to class VIII. Curriculum is designed keeping in mind its usage and challenges for future in every sphere of life. Arts education plays an essential role in affirming and developing creative abilities among students with multiple intelligence, without limiting it to those who aspire to be professional artists .In order to bring change, students must first learn to create.

Teacher Training workshop

Special focus is given on holding Art workshops for Art teachers. They are trained about new techniques, modern teaching methodologies and school decoration.

Art and Craft Competitions

Various Art and Craft competitions are being held under the supervision of this department. Through these competitions students are encouraged to express their hidden talent and abilities in a healthy positive way. Internal and external competitions are held. The best students are selected through these competitions and their talent is further polished by conducting various workshops for them.

Art and Craft Exhibitions

Art &Design department also holds various Art and Craft Exhibitions which helps students to develop their confidence. They express their feelings and thoughts about the world. Such exhibitions arouse the interest of the students to create their own master pieces through inspirational process.

UGI Art and Craft

Internal Events/Activities

Art competition
Portrait making competition
Craft Competition
Drawing Workshop for Students

UGI Art and Craft

External Events/Activities

A2Z Art Competition
Art competition by Punjab Traffic Police

UGI Research and Development

Literary Department

The Literary activities department develops plans for the overall literary activities of the entire campuses of UGI. The main purpose of this department is to involve teachers and students to participate in literary activities that are essential for the cognitive and social growth of the learners. These activities enhance students’ interpersonal skill which makes them confident, independent and visionary. Apart from getting chance of exhibiting their skills, students find opportunity to exercise their leadership qualities. Along with the literary activities(Morning Assembly, Creative writing competitions, Essay writing competitions, Speech competitions, External literary activities, Quiz competitions, Spell Master, Mathletics, Aks_e_Unique magazines, Golden sayings, Aaj Ka column, Urdu Teachers evaluation and Bait Bazi) This department fosters the libraries of UGI campuses being monitored through software processing developed by UGI. Literary Department conducts all activities as per policy of Unique Group of Institutions which includes internal and external events as mentioned below.

UGI Literary Department


Spell Master Competition
Bait Bazi
Star Of Unique
Speech Competition