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Entry Test

Unique is providing entry test preperations

While exploring undergraduate level education, applications are bound to come across some form of aptitude test as being requirement for admission. Some of the universities even go to the extent of indicating them of marks needed to make the cutoff point. The main objective of ETP at UGI is to provide a common yardstick to measure the potentials of all applicants that might come from different backgrounds against a standardized set of skills that would be required by a specific programme.


Experienced Faculty

The best faculty in town. Renowned professors with vast experience and professional expertise provide the best coaching.

Productive Time Management

Time management is one of the key ingredients of success in entry test. We try to develop this valuable skill among our students through continuous practice and thorough counselling.

Complete Career Guidance

We are committed to provide our students the complete counselling in all their professional endeavors and ambitions.

Extensive Practice through Tests

Practice holds the key to success and we, at UGI, try relentlessly to provide extensive practice to all our students through a comprehensive test system.

Innovative Test-Cracking Tips

Complex questions of entry test can only be solved through tricks and tips. Our experienced team has worked out some special tips and tricks to solve the tricky questions.

Learner Friendly Aids

Technology has revolutionized all walks of life including education. We use the latest audio visual aids to provide our students an exceptional learning atmosphere.

Individual Evaluation System

Embracing the diversity has been one of the major problems of the modern education system. We pay our utmost attention to evaluate the individual needs of the students and provide precise counselling accordingly.

Highest Placement Ratio

We have the highest placement ratio of our students in different medical and engineering universities. MCQ bank of more than 30000 Multiple Choice Questions

Programs Offered

We, at UGI, are offering a variety of programs to cater the ever changing needs of the modern era. These programs have been devised considering the diverse attitudes and aptitudes of the students as we truly believe in celebrating the individual talents and abilities. Criteria of different universities have also been kept in view while developing these programs as different universities follow different criteria for admission.

    2-Months Session for Combined Entry Test for MBBS & BDS
    3-Months Session for Combined Entry Test for MBBS & BDS including Test Session
    3-Months Session for NUMS and Combined Entry Test for MBBS & BDS. Including Test Session
    2-Months Session for UET, PIEAS, FAST, NUST, GIKI and many other Tests.
  • ECAT
    2-Months Session for UET Entrance Test

Fee and Scholarships

Unique Entry Test Fee and Merit Scholarships

Fee Structure Entry Test 2021
Course Duration Fee
MDCAT 2 Months 32,000
L-MDCAT 3 Months 42,000
NUMS-MDCAT 3 Months 48,000
ECAT 2 Months 35,000
FUNGAT 2 Months 42,000
Merit Scholarships (Matric Base)
On Roll Student General Student Scholarships
1060 & Above 1070 & above Free
1040 & 1059 1050 to 1069 80% OFF
1020 & 1039 1030 to 1049 60% OFF
1000 & 1019 1010 to 1029 40% OFF
  • * 30% off for old students (who have completed the session)