Unique Group of Institutions


What we are

The humble journey that started at 12-B in 1986 as Unique Science Academy took a giant leap with the stern efforts, Dedication and total Commitment of Prof. Abdul Mannan Khurram- the Chairman of UGI who made it possible to earn a great name not only in the Central Punjab but in the Southern Punjab as well. As per his Instruction our students have always snatched distinctive positions in, Matric and Intermediate exams in Lahore, Sahiwal and Gujranwala boards as well. Unique Group of Institutions strongly believe in developing youth of the nation with creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act on their beliefs.

Our mission is to accelerate creativity, innovation and a desire to challenge the strenuous task at every step of head-start. Our cognitive salient features are:

  • Cooperative and collaborative learning
  • Healthy learning environment
  • Islamic norms: honesty, tolerance, integrity and due respect for others
  • Commitment to excel in Academics, Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities
  • Result Orientation
  • Individual Attention
  • On Going Test Series

Our Departments

What we do

Research and Development Department

Research and Development (R & D) department is a dynamic wing of the academics which is responsible for research in the syllabus from the early-childhood school to the intermediate level, updating of courses of studies, maintenance of laboratories, conduct of examination, central evaluation of answer sheets, Unique Test online testing, teacher training, online video lectures by professors on all subjects, paper setting and psychological evaluation of students. Any change in the courses of studies at matric and intermediate level is taken up by the research associates at the R & D to update Unique notes while the changes are also uploaded on the Unique online test website.

The R&D department is also tasked to design examination papers and tests for students as per the Board guidelines.

Coordination Department


Coordination and collaboration in an educational network synchronize all the departments to function smoothly with systematic outlook.


Coordination Department is the backbone of UGI. It collaborates and keeps on coordinating all the departments of UGI and BP campuses.

  1. To examine and understand the plan of action with the coordination of partner campuses
  2. To analyze the process of permanent training, mediators and non-teaching staff.
  3. To investigate the professional thinking, functions and processes of internal coordination of the various departments
  4. Documentary analysis and sample study.
  5. To coordinate pedagogical inquiry through case studies of all the partner campuses.
  6. To develop contextualized proposals for re-orientation taking place in the system
  7. To coordinate with all the departments of UGI and partner campuses to let them aware of the professional changes occurring from time to time.
  8. To provide technological assistance to partner campuses.
  9. To take into confidence stake holders on successful result orientation
  10. Professional dissemination in UGI network
  11. To ensure compliance between UGI and B P.

Publication Department

"Unique Publication” has proved itself a trustworthy and reliable name in providing resource to fulfill the educational and academic needs of students and teachers at secondary and higher-secondary level since two decades. Unique publication has taken an initiative in the field of publication with the help of skilled, experienced teachers and past board papers. Our Publication Department provides printing, copying and bindery services.

Unique notes are divided into two sections, subjective and objectives, consisting of long short questions/ answers and MCQs. The format adopted is attractive, clear and student friendly. Illustrations, maps and tables are added where ever required for the better understanding of the students. Studying unique notes enhances students; capabilities and efficiencies as they get in touch with them frequently.

Unique Notes:

Unique Notes series consist of PCTB English medium 37 titles, Urdu medium 10 titles, Federal Board 18 titles, covering 36 districts in the Punjab Province and Federal Areas having portfolio of 1000 plus retailers throughout Pakistan.

  • Objective, detached, purposeful
  • Systematic, comprehensive, knowledge-booster
  • Developed by highly qualified Subject Specialists
  • To take into confidence stake holders on successful result orientation
  • Easy to comprehend and learn
  • Easily available at all book stalls with in the Punjab Province
  • To develop contextualized proposals for re-orientation taking place in the system
  • Equipped with illustrations, pie-charts and tables where necessary equipped with illustrations, pie-charts and tables where necessary

Information Technology Department

IT Department in an educational network play a key role facilitating, providing and supporting access to technology with the objective to integrate, foster, and promote development of imagination, creativity in students, members of faculty and administration as well. Let’s check out why and how I T Department at UGI is inevitable?


Manage all administrative activities, academic functions, automation of all the processes steered by hi-fi Soft Ware House thus saving a lot of time and effort that the top management and other stakeholders can devote to more fruitful endeavors.

Unique is pioneer among the colleges which have introduced biometric attendance system. Unique is also one of the first educational institutions which adopted technology to facilitate students. Close contact with parents, error-free accounts and efficient academic evaluation are the few hallmarks of Unique software.

Unique Parent App’ enables parents to access their child’s ‘Current Month Result’, ‘Monthly Fee Status and History’ and ‘Attendance History’ after downloading the app from Google Play Store. By using the same app, Parents can also trace location of the College Van used by their child to go to college

In addition, our I T System is helpful in taking decisions with just feather touch. The modules of our I T Department can take care of a wide range of areas such as the following:

  • Accurate Biometric Attendance recording of Students & Employees
  • Unique test online system
  • Automate Course Plan System for Campuses
  • Customized Result cards
  • Automate Library Books cataloguing
  • Tracking vehicle with transport management System
  • School events and calendar management
  • HR Selection & Recruitment Performance Evaluation
  • Employees Payroll and pay slip management
  • Student evaluation system

Administration Department


A successful school is about much more than teaching, while good teaching and learning are crucial, the administration that underpins is a key to providing a well-rounded education that encompasses the whole staff members. Effective administration and operation support education that goes well beyond imparting knowledge.


Admin Department at UGI plays a vital role to streamlining all the departments and campuses as well that they should function uninterruptedly. Some of the key responsibilities of Admin Department are as follows:

  • To provide timely assistance solve their administrative issues.
  • To administer decision-taking strategies of all the UGI Campuses.
  • To synthesize, direct and control all the administrative issues at UGI level.
  • To guide and monitor the security system, M T Department and maintenance issues.
  • To manage complicated administrative issues professionally
  • To remain in contact with Human Resource and Coordination Departments

UGI believes in

"When people go to work, they shouldn’t have to learn their hearts at home." (Betty Bender)

"Human Resource is not the thing we do. It’s the thing that runs new business." (Steve Wynn)

"If you want to build business, build the people" (Brownie Wise)

Our Departments

Media & Communications Sections

Media Productions Section:

One of the diversified departments working on image fabrication, innovative on line lectures, developing documentaries, TVC, Animated Video Production, highlighting students’ activities, snapshots of high-up’s, weaving out multiple events, covering UGI, BP Campuses, and liaising introductory profile of video production.

EMS (Event Management Section):

It is rightly said,’ Life is not about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself.’ The image of a student is like intangible currency that is earned over a period of time. Image of a student is directly associated what he/she says and what does the body language create in the presence of others. UGI creates a sense of integrity, trust and credibility. EMD organizes co-curricular activities, constructs and coordinates national and international events, develops personal growth of the students through performing arts thus building confidence among them.

CDS (Corporate Development Section):

CDD launches UGI annual campaigns for marketing plans and brandishing proposals regarding business partners’ strategies. CDD provides assistance to R&D and collaborative sponsorship campaigns to further strengthens the vision of UGI. Verification of CDD reports becomes easy to understand to further applying future plans. CDD manages endowment for corporate development.

DMS(Digital Media Section):

Multiple tools and applications like Face Book, Instagram, Google, You Tube, LinkedIn, Websites, Twitter, Animations to effectively get in touch with Social Media. To keep on surviving in the orbit of Social Media Solution, innovative technological gadgets are used round the clock.

LMS(Learning Management System)

During the lockdown, Unique Group of Institutions developed its own Learning Management System (LMS) software to provide teaching instructions t o our thousands of students across the province. Unique conducted interactive online classes and set up Teacher-Student Discussion Forums. Unique also added an extra feature of Voice Notes Comments in the online teaching. It was through the use of technology that Unique introduced online attendance besides assignments.

Human Resource Department


Human Resource Management (HRM) is an operation in companies designed to maximize employee performance in order to meet the employer's strategic goals and objectives. More precisely, HRM focuses on management of people within companies, emphasizing on policies and systems. In short, HRM is process of recruiting, selecting employees, providing proper orientation and induction, imparting proper training and developing skills. HRM also includes employee assessment like performance appraisal, facilitating proper compensation and benefits, encouragement, maintaining proper relations with labor and with trade unions, and taking care of employee safety, welfare and health by complying with labor laws of the country.

HR at unique group of institutions provide equal opportunities to all genders. For this purpose, HR department is playing its vital role for enhancing and polishing the skills & capabilities of employees. Human Resource department at UGI is responsible for onboarding new hires, communicating guidelines, set of rules and imparting policies & procedures. The purpose of UGI Human resource department is to maximize the productivity of an organization by optimizing the effectiveness of its employee. We recruit best persons for the right job. We try to reach out to the best candidates through our job portal. This job portal not only help the institution but also the candidates to apply for the best suitable jobs they want to.

  • Moreover, UGI firmly believes in: “If you want to build the organization, build the people”