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Students seeking admission in First Year and Second Year are eligible to take admission on merit basis. Students who got admission in the college are required to produce the following documents:

  • Two Passport size Photographs. (White back ground)
  • Two attested photocopies of Matric result card.
  • One attested photocopy of B-Form or student’s CNIC.
  • One attested photocopy of CNIC of Father/Mother or Guardian.
  • Original NOC in case of Matric passed from other than Lahore Board.
  • In case of O Level, attested photocopy of equivalence certificate issued from IBCC.

Disciplines offered:

  • FSc Pre-Medical
  • FSc Pre-Engineering
  • I.C.S
  • General Science
  • F.A (IT) - (Lower Mall College)
  • I.Com

Merit Criteria

Sr# Class External Student Old Student
Morning Evening Morning Evening
1 FSc .(Pre Medical & Pre Engineering) 840 770 820 760
2 ICS 780 710 770 710
3 G.SC
780 710 770 710

Merit Criteria For Business Partners: Unique College (Lower Mall)

Sr# Class External Student Old Student
Morning Evening Morning Evening
1 FSc (Pre Medical & Pre Engineering) 730 670 700 630
2 ICS/G.Sc 650 600 640 600
3 I.Com/F.A IT(Lower Mall Only) All Subject must be passed without star.

Merit Criteria For Business Partners: Unique College (Raiwind)

Sr# Class External Student Old Student
Morning Evening Morning Evening
1 FSc (Pre Medical & Pre Engineering) 700 660 660 600
2 ICS/G.Sc 650 580 600 550

Unique College (Bahria Town)

Sr# Class External Student Old Student
Morning Evening Morning Evening
1 FSc .(Pre Medical & Pre Engineering) 770 700 750 690
2 ICS 710 640 700 640
3 G.SC
710 640 700 640

Rules and Regulations

Unique College

Students are expected to observe self-discipline in all matters and parents are advised to study rules and regulations carefully. It is obligatory for every student to abide by the rules. Violation of these rules may lead to expulsion from college.

  • As per Board rules, 80% attendance is compulsory for admission to the Board Examination.
  • Scholarships are awarded to students on the basis of their performance. In addition to these scholarships, students are also given Encouragement Scholarships.
  • Attendance in class test is compulsory. In case of absence, the student shall have to appear in a Supplementary test or Re-test.
  • Supplementary Tests are not countable for Encouragement Scholarship or for class position.
  • Long leave is not allowed to F.Sc & ICS students.
  • Students are not allowed to take leave without any specific reason or emergency. The leave application form must be duly filled and bear the signatures of parent(s), student and the Class In-charge.
  • Students are expected to abide by Library & Science Labs Rules. Proper college uniform is compulsory for admission to class-room.
  • Students are not allowed to carry mobile phones within the premises of the college. In case of an emergency, students may use the office telephone. Instructions or any notice issued by the Principal and the Vice Principal should be followed strictly. Students are strictly prohibited to write on walls and on the white boards or to damage college property. Students should not touch the electrical installations and appliances The student / students may bear the cost of the damage (replacement/repair) if he / she / they will be found guilty. In case of any inconvenience or inquiry, students are advised to consult their respective Class In- charges.
  • Students are not allowed to take part in any political or subversive activity in or around the campus.
  • Students are required to display their college identity card in the campus and observe discipline in the college campus.
  • Students are required to be punctual and regular. College premises, classrooms and surroundings must be kept neat and clean.
  • Minimum pass percentage in a class test is 40.
  • Students and their parents are not allowed to register any undue complaint against the management and the faculty to any official authority or agency regarding the matters related to the institution, without written permission of the Principal.
  • Students will not be eligible for board admission if they miss Term test or Pre-Board examination.
  • Students are not allowed to bring any precious thing (like tab, cellular phone, jewelry etc.) to the college. Incase of loss , administration will not be responsible.
  • Students (above 18 years) must have driving license who drive car or bike / scooty. They should also wear helmet for their safety.
  • Last date for the deposit of fee is 5th of every month. Incase of failure to deposit the fee within due date Rs.50/- will be charged as late fee fine per day.


The courses of studies have been selected keeping in view the modern and Islamic educational philosophy. At every step, it is ensured that a student completes his/her courses of studies twice in an academic year. Exclusively at Matric and Intermediate levels, students are made to revise their syllabus under the seasoned guidance of experienced faculty which pays individual attention to all the students to obtain excellent marks in the Board examinations. During the academic session, it is ensured that a student takes two tests of every subject in a month while four tests of each subject are compulsory during the course of revision. Academic discipline is the hallmark at UGI where it is ensured that students should focus exclusively on their studies. In this regard, a constant liaison is considered to be the high point of our academics which keeps students engaged in their studies keeping parents abreast of their children’s performance. In case of deficiencies in studies, our educational system pays individual attention and conducts make-up classes, remedial classes, extra classes and special lectures as arranged by the respective principals on the recommendation of class in-charges and the subject teachers as well.

Make-up Classes

Make-Up Classes are especially conducted for those students who joined the academic session either a little late or missed the lectures on any reasons. These Make-up classes help them learn more about the lectures in hand and to complete the syllabi in time. At Unique, we understand that make-up classes are useful for late joiners or the ones who have missed the classes on various reasons. During these classes, the students are taught the missing part of the syllabus to catch-up with the rest of the sections without any difficulty.

Remedial Classes

Remedial classes play an important role preferably to suggest a remedy against weaknesses in studies. Unique has comprehensive system of remedial classes at all levels. It has always been the professional trait of UGI to launch remedial classes exclusively for the students of Matric and intermediate levels as they become able to overcome their deficiencies to achieve excellent grades in their final internal and external examinations.

Special Lectures

Special Lectures retain a major educational role because they exploit evolved aspects of human nature to make learning easier. These lectures are delivered to the high achievers and position holders to further enhance their intellect and learn the prompts how to attempt the papers to do well in the examinations. At UGI, services of the Subject Specialists, Senior Professors, past paper-setters and examiners are hired to deliver lectures to Unique colleges so that they score maximum marks in the Board examinations.

Integration of technology

Technology is the use of technological resources like computers, mobile devices, smart phones and tablets, close circuit cameras, social media platforms, software applications, internet etc. in daily classroom practices and in the management of school. Technology Integration is a striking feature if Unique education policy. Unique academic software enables to record and monitor the performance of the students in a better way. The software, one of its own kinds, helps teachers, parents and students monitor their performance in a scientific manner. The results are usually translated into reality by the students as they are made to work hard.

Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities are the ones sponsored by a school which are not part of the academic curriculum but are acknowledged to be an essential part of life of an educational institution. Co-Curricular Activities are the part and parcel of UGI in which the students are exposed to various activities like Music, Dramas, Exhibitions, Seminars, Declamation Contests, Farewells, Annual Day, Skits and arts as well. Extra-Curricular Activities are also an integral part of UGI. These activities are mostly the indoor and outdoor games, outdoor pursuits, athletics, etc. It is compulsory for a student to participate any of the activities as laid down in the Schedule of Activities.

  • Dramatics:
    1st position in the children category at Unique Drama Festival at Alhamra Cultural complex 2016. Regular Training Workshops (Public Speaking, Dramatics, Music, Creativity).
  • P.T Shows:
    Winners PT show trophy at the inauguration and closing ceremony of Punjab Olympics 2016.
  • Cheerleaders:
    2nd position in National Cheerleaders Championship 2016.
  • Aerobics:
    1st position in Lahore District Aerobics Championship 2016.
  • Music:
    1st position in Singing (Junior Girls category) at Sufi Night at Alhamra Cultural Complex 2016.

Science Laboratories

UGI has established state of-the-art laboratory apparatus for conducting experiments for students according to the standards set by Lahore Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education. Experienced science teachers and lab attendants guide the students in conducting experiments in Biology, Chemistry and Physics to help them prepare for final examinations.

Extra Coaching

The courses of studies have been chosen in line with modern and islamic educational principles while it is ensured that a student completes his/her courses Unique college takes it as an obligation to fulfil all educational requirements of its students. In case if some extra classes are needed it is immediately brought to the notice of principal.

Extra classes are arranged for students if they lag behind in syllabus during a term due to absentee, shortage of time, unforseen holidays, late admission or some other problems.

No extra fee is charged for above classes at any campus of Unique Group of Institutions.

Computer Labs

To meet the requirements of the modern era, well-equipped computer labs are available for the students to sharpen their IT skills.


To meet the requirements of the modern era, well-equipped computer labs are available for the students to sharpen their IT skills.

Transport Facility

Unique schools have arranged transport facility for the students to avoid any inconvenience in collaboration with private van owners. UGI has hired a dedicated Transport Officer to deal with the van operators to ensure that drivers are punctual and fares are economical. The students are advised to abide by the prescribed rules and regulations. This transport facility is also available on demand at reasonable rates on the designated routes.

Medical Facility

A medical cell has been established at each campus to administer proper and immediate medical treatment to children, if required. Cases of emergent nature are referred to the nearby hospital and parents are duly informed in this regard.

Sports & Games

The benefits of playing sports in educational institutions are multiple; it leads to balanced mental and physical growth. It teaches the children punctuality, patience, teamwork and leadership.

Sports at UGI play an important role in the healthy school life of the children. UGI has inculcated discipline and sportsmanship among the students and taught them how to follow the rules and regulations of the games of their interest. Our students, irrespective of the age group take part in various games under the supervision of the game teachers.

UGI provides every possible facility to the students with spacious courts and play grounds where they play cricket, hockey, football, badminton, table tennis, aerobics and athletics under the supervision of PTIs. In Junior schools, Two days a week have been fixed exclusively for games. The parents are requested to send their children in proper sports kit. UGI holds the Annual Sports Day where the students participate excitedly. Regular Sports Camps are also held in the afternoon to groom young players in the sport of their own interest. UGI has established “Unique Hockey Club” to give young players an opportunity to prove their skills.


Spacious campuses, foolproof security, spacious cafeterias and caring administrative staff make students confident and secure at all UGI Campuses.


Since 2010, Unique has introduced a biometric attendance system for students and the staff as well. In case of absence, a computerized message is sent to the parents immediately about the current status of attendance. Besides, the in charge of the class contacts the parents/ guardians on the same day in case of a uniformed absence.

(Session 2024-2025)

Final Fee Structure for Morning College (UGI)

F. Sc 1,40,000/-
ICS 1,35,000/-
G. Sc 1,10,000/-

(Session 2024-2025)

Dr. Nisar Ahmad Rana Scholarship

Marks in Matric (1200) Scholarship for F. Sc Marks In Matric Scholarship for G. Sc & ICS
1140 Free 1110 Free
1110 - 1139 75% fee waiver 1080 - 1109 75% fee waiver
1080 - 1109 50% fee waiver 1050 - 1079 50% fee waiver
1050 - 1079 35% fee waiver 1020 - 1049 35% fee waiver
1020 - 1049 25% fee waiver 990 - 1019 25% fee waiver
Old Student 25% fee waiver Old Student 25% fee waiver


  • 1. Dr. Nisar Ahmad Rana scholarship in 1st Year & 2nd Year will be awarded on the basis of Matric Marks.
  • 2. 25% Fee concession will be given to old Students(Who completed studies (10th class) from Unique as Regular morning or evening student or completed evening session as tution student
  • 3. 10% fee concession will be awarded to applicants who Studied at Unique in 9th & 10th for 3 months at least.
  • 4. In case a student is eligible for two concessions, only the larger amount will be discounted.
  • 5. Fee will be paid in 6 installments in first year... ( July, September, October, November, December and January)