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Unique High School for Boys

Admission Procedure:

A student seeking admission to class VI, VII, VIII and IX at Unique High Schools have to appear for a compulsory Admission Test in the subjects of Urdu, Math’s, English and General Science of the previous class he attended while admission to class X (if seats are available) is decided on the class IX Board result.

  • Passing mark is 40% in the Admission Test (in each of the above mentioned subjects).
  • For admission to Class X, students must secure at least 33% marks in class IX (Board Exam).
  • All Hafiz-e-Quran students are exempted from Admission Test up to 8th class. However, it must be ensured that such a student is able to read and write both English and Urdu. In addition, he must be familiar with the basics of mathematics i.e. addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc.
Age Limit
Class Required Age
Six 10 - 12 years
Seven 11 - 13 years
Eight 12 - 14 years
Nine 13 - 15 years
Ten 14 - 16 years

Make-up Classes

Make-Up Classes are especially conducted for those students who joined the academic session either a little late or missed the lectures on any reasons. These classes help them learn more about the lectures in hand and to complete the syllabus in time.Make-up classes are meant for the students who join the academic session late and these classes help them learn the missed syllabus and catch-up with rest of the section without any difficulty or burden on the parents.

Remedial Classes

Remedial classes play an important role preferably to suggest a remedy against weaknesses in studies. Unique has comprehensive system of remedial classes at all levels. It has always been the professional trait of UGI to launch remedial classes exclusively for the students of Matric and intermediate levels as they become able to overcome their deficiencies to achieve excellent grades in their final internal and external examinations

Special Lectures

Special Lectures retain a major educational role because they exploit evolved aspects of human nature to make learning easier. These lectures are delivered to the high achievers and position holders to further enhance their intellect and learn the prompts how to attempt the papers to do well in the examinations. At UGI, services of the Subject Specialists, Senior Professors, past paper-setters and examiners are invited to deliver lectures to Unique schools and colleges to pour down their experiences to the students so that they may score maximum marks in the Board examinations.

Integration of technology

Technology is the use of technological resources like computers, mobile devices, smart phones and tablets, CC cameras, social media platforms, software applications, the internet etc. in daily classroom practices and in the management of a school. Technology Integration is a striking feature of Unique’s education policy. Unique’s academic software enables to record and monitor the performance of the students in a better way. The software, one of its own kinds, helps teachers, parents and students monitor their performance in a scientific manner. The results are usually translated into reality by the students as they are made to work hard.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities are the ones sponsored by a school which are not part of the academic curriculum but are acknowledged to be an essential part of the life of an educational institution. Extracurricular activities are the part and parcel of UGI in which the students are exposed to various activities like Speech Contests, Debates, Music, Dramas, Exhibitions, Seminars, Outdoor pursuits, Arts and Science clubs, Farewells, Annual Day, Skits etc.. Extra-Curricular Activities are also an integral part of UGI. It is compulsory for a student to take part in any of the activities as laid down in the Annual Schedule of Activities. Following is the overview of the extra-curricular activities at UGI:

Our Accomplishments at a Glance:

  • Unique Drama Festival is the signature event of UGI which has won acclaims from varied segments of society including educationists, high government officials, artists, and renowned sports personalities who have been the part of this festival as chief guests. The three-day event is usually organized in collaboration with The Ministers of the Government of Punjab covered in print and electronic media.
  • UGI also arranges three-day annual sports gala to provide young athletes a platform to showcase their talents in various sports disciplines. This event also attracts huge audience.
  • UGI students have won All Pakistan Music Conference (APMQ 2017), Semi-classical category.
  • Runner-up of All Pakistan Music Conference (APMC 2017(Ghazal Category).
  • Winner of All Pakistan Music Conference 2013.
  • Runner-up of All Pakistan Music Conference 2014.
  • Regular Training Workshops on Public Speaking, Dramatics, Music, Creativity etc.
  • District Championship and Divisional Runner-up IN Chief Minister Punjab Debating Competition 2015.
  • Winner of two Gold and one Bronze Medals in All Pakistan Music Conference 2015.
  • Best Actress Award at the 14th Youth Performing Arts Festival 2015.
  • Winner of two Gold, three Silver and one Bronze medals in essay writing and Fine Arts HRCA All Pakistan Competition 2015.
  • Winner All Pakistan Music Conference (APMQ 2017 (Semi-classical category).
  • Runner up All Pakistan Music conference (AP MC 2017 (Ghazal category).

Science Laboratories

UGI has established state-of-the-art laboratory apparatus for conducting experiments for students according to the standard set by Lahore Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education. Experienced science teachers and laboratory attendants guide students in conducting experiments in Biology, Chemistry and Physics to help them prepare for final experiments.

Computer Labs

To meet the requirements of the modern era, well-equipped computer labs are available for the students to sharpen their IT skills.

Sports & Games

The benefits of playing sports in educational institutions are multiple; it leads to balanced mental and physical growth. It teaches the children punctuality, patience, teamwork and leadership.

Sports at UGI play an important role in the healthy school life of the children. UGI has inculcated discipline and sportsmanship among the students and taught them how to follow the rules and regulations of the games of their interest. Our students, irrespective of the age group take part in various games under the supervision of the game teachers.

UGI provides every possible facility to the students with spacious courts and play grounds where they play cricket, hockey, football, badminton, table tennis, aerobics and athletics under the supervision of PTIs. In Junior schools, Two days a week have been fixed exclusively for games. The parents are requested to send their children in proper sports kit. UGI holds the Annual Sports Day where the students participate excitedly. Regular Sports Camps are also held in the afternoon to groom young players in the sport of their own interest. UGI has established “Unique Hockey Club” to give young players an opportunity to prove their skills.

Our Achievements in Sports:

  • Unique under 16 cricket team qualified for the Kardar Cricket Cup 2017 arranged by PCB
  • Winner of 26 Medals in Punjab Olympics 2015 in different sports.
  • Winner of 1 Gold , 1 Silver & 1 Bronze Medal in BISE, Lahore Inter School Athletics Championship 2015.
  • Winner of Lahore District Aerobics Championship 2015-16.
  • Two Unique Students selected for Under 15 Cricket Team in National Cricket Academy (2016).
  • Regular sports camps (Cricket, Hockey, Badminton, Table Tennis).
  • Unique has established “Unique Hockey Club" to groom boys and girls at school level.


Libraries are important cornerstones of a healthy community. They develop the habit of reading among the students and serve as the store house of knowledge. UGI, in its network has established state of-the-art libraries where books on every topic have been provided. Apart from books, monthly, quarterly and bi-monthly journals and magazines, dictionaries, encyclopedias and reference books are also available for interested readers to improve and broaden their intellect and educational spectrum.


Under the legislation passed by the Government of Punjab, educational institutions have been directed to offer free education up to 10 % to the deserving students applicable from 2015 onwards. As per the Legislation passed by the Government of Punjab, UGI strictly adhering to the stipulation offers free education to the children of the policemen, Pakistan Armed Forces and the children who are from deprived classes.

Transport Facility

Unique schools have arranged transport facility for the students to avoid any inconvenience in collaboration with private van owners. UGI has dedicated Transport Officer to deal with the van operators to ensure that drivers are punctual, fares are economical and the minimum time consumption in completing the prescribed route to save the time of the students. The students are advised to abide by the prescribed rules and regulations. This transport facility is also available on demand at reasonable rates on the designated routes.

Biometric Attendance

Since 2010, Unique has introduced a biometric attendance system for students and the staff as well. In case of absence, a computerized message is sent to the parents immediately about the current status of attendance. Besides, the in charge of the class contacts the parents/ guardians on the same day in case of a uniformed absence.


Spacious campuses, foolproof security, spacious cafeterias and caring administrative staff make students confident and secure at all UGI Campuses.

Medical Facility

A medical cell has been established at each campus to administer proper and immediate medical treatment to children, if required. Cases of emergent nature are referred to the nearby hospital and parents are duly informed in this regard.