Co-curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities facilitate in the development of various domains of mind and multiple facets of personality such as intellectual, emotional, social, moral and aesthetic development. Creativity, enthusiasm, energetic and positive thinking are some of the traits of personality development and outcomes of co-curricular activities. UDI pays special attention towards co-curricular activities which are aimed at the grooming of the students. UGI believes that for all-round development of a child, there is a need of emotional, physical, spiritual and moral development that is supplemented by co-curricular activities. Besides developing students’ personality, co-curricular activities also strengthen classroom learning.

UGI also emphasizes on essay writing, Qira’at and Naat competitions, declamation contests, debates, speeches, plays, songs, musical instruments, UV performance, tableau, puppet shows and indoor and outdoor games like table tennis, badminton, football and cricket etc which help in overall grooming of the children.

These activities guide students how to organize and present an activity, how to develop skills, how to cooperate and coordinate in different events. All these help in creating leadership qualities. They also provide avenues of socialization, self-identification and self-assessment when the child comes in contact with organizers, fellow participants, teachers, people outside the school during cultural activities.

1st position in the children category at Unique Drama Festival at Alhamra Cultural complex 2016. Regular Training Workshops (Public Speaking, Dramatics, Music, Creativity).

P.T Shows:
Winners PT show trophy at the inauguration and closing ceremony of Punjab Olympics 2016.

2nd position in National Cheerleaders Championship 2016.

1st position in Lahore District Aerobics Championship 2016.

2nd position in Aerobics at All Female AIE Sports Gala 2016.

1st position in Singing (Junior Girls category) at Sufi Night at Alhamra Cultural Complex 2016.