Extra-curricular activities are the ones sponsored by a school which are not part of the academic curriculum but are acknowledged to be an essential part of life of an educational institution. Co-Curricular Activities are the part and parcel of UGI in which the students are exposed to various activities like Music, Dramas, Exhibitions, Seminars, Declamation Contests, Farewells, Annual Day, Skits and arts as well.

Extra-Curricular Activities are also an integral part of UGI. These activities are mostly the indoor and outdoor games, outdoor pursuits, athletics, etc. It is compulsory for a student to participate any of the activities as laid down in the Schedule of Activities.

1st position in the children category at Unique Drama Festival at Alhamra Cultural complex 2016. Regular Training Workshops (Public Speaking, Dramatics, Music, Creativity).

P.T Shows:
Winners PT show trophy at the inauguration and closing ceremony of Punjab Olympics 2016.

2nd position in National Cheerleaders Championship 2016.

1st position in Lahore District Aerobics Championship 2016.

2nd position in Aerobics at All Female AIE Sports Gala 2016.

1st position in Singing (Junior Girls category) at Sufi Night at Alhamra Cultural Complex 2016.