Rector’s Message

I welcome you to the new academic year 2019-2020 and I am glad to be with you again in the new beginning in which we leave with the desire and hope that we will rise to those who have over time brought prestige to Unique Group of Institutions in more than three decades since its inception.

I owe my gratitude to all the teachers, students and the management who took initiative to mold the scrap into refined product setting the unmatched standard of quality education. Charged with powerful feelings of reverence and respect towards the immense dignity and authority that UGI has relished over the years.

I believe that the origins of these virtues both moral and epistemic do not reside within the fact-undoubtedly real of its glorious traditions which UGI has since its humble beginning. What impresses me about UGI is that our faculty members take care of overall development of all its students preparing for life. I am grateful to the teachers and the parents for collaboratively working to give our students insight not only in academics but in ethics, values, culture and skills equipped with wings to fly to attain the highest place in society.

If you are interested in preparing for future career and wish to obtain outstanding education in an excellent environment- you have found it!

Prof Amjad Ali Khan

Rector UGI