Chairman’s Message

It gives me an immense sense of happiness and honour that UGI is all set to maintain its glory with enthusiasm and commitment to providing an all-round quality education to the young learners. I look forward to engaging student and applied learning experiences which can lead to increasing literacy for the benefit of the nation as a whole

Children at UGI need to be exposed to and participate in interactive activities that will harness their curiosity and motivate them to investigate the world around them. Unique aims at providing young people with continuous opportunities to brush up their talents what they know and can learn. Each child’s untapped potential is waiting to be unleashed.

I would request all the parents to inculcate self-discipline in their children to let them become useful citizens. We invest our trust on you. You are our safe source and we bank all our efforts on you. We create not the future instead we craft you for the future. There are strong challenges to great efforts but always remember, great efforts bear the sweet fruit of success.

I owe my gratitude to all the teachers and colleagues who have burnt mid night oil to guide the students and have been igniting their dormant faculties over the past three decades.

I wish you all.

Prof Abdul Mannan Khurram

Chairman UGI