Physical vigor is of prime importance for the physical and mental growth of children and Unique provides ample opportunities to students to be physically fit.

Games and Sports is an important part of education at Unique as a healthy body can have a sound mind and our students have excelled in all sporting events.

At Unique schools, we provide every possible opportunity to students to take part in sports during the academic year while camps are held during the summer vacation to harness sporting skills of our youth.

Unique boys and girls have excelled in cricket, hockey, badminton, table tennis, athletics and aerobics. Unique has immense sporting talent.

At Junior Schools, children take part in different games and sports. On the days fixed for sports activity, children are required to come to school in sports uniform. On these two days, children are made to take part in different games and sports.

Unique Junior Schools hold Annual Sports Day every year. This year's sports day was held at WAPDA Sports Complex.

Regular sports camps are held in the afternoon to groom young players in the sport of their interest. Unique has established “Unique Hockey Club" to groom boys and girls at school level.