The courses for studies have been chosen in line with modern and Islamic educational principles while it is ensured that a student completes his/her courses of studies during the academic year.

The courses of studies are an amalgamation of Oxford and Punjab textbook board syllabus.

Under Unique academics, it is ensured that a student takes 1 test of every subject in a month while the academic year is divided into three terms. Students have to take an examination at the end of every term.
Audio-visual aids are the hallmark of academics at the Junior Schools and Montessori gadgets help students learn in a better way.

Montessori education inculcates confidence, knowledge, creativity and potential which helps children achieve success in future challenges.

Discipline is at the heart of academics at Unique Schools and it is ensured that students lead a disciplined academic life and never lose focus on studies.

A constant liaison with the parents is a high point of our academics which keeps students on their heels besides keeping parents abreast of their ward's academic performance.

In case a student is deficient in studies, our educational system takes care of the student and extra classes are arranged by the principal on the recommendation of Class In-charge or the subject teachers.