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The benefits of playing sports in educational institutions are multiple; it leads to balanced mental and physical growth of students. It teaches the children punctuality, patience, teamwork and leadership.

Sports at UGI play an important role in the healthy school life of children. UGI tries to inculcate students to ensure discipline, sportsmanship and how to follow rules and regulations not only in sports but in their daily life, which is the ultimate goal of sports. Our students, irrespective of the age group take part in various games under the supervision of the game teachers.

UGI provides every possibly facility to the students with spacious courts and play grounds where they play cricket, hockey, football, badminton, table tennis, aerobics and athletics under the supervision of PTIs. Psarents are requested to send their children in proper sports kit. UGI holds the Annual Sports Gala where the students participate excitedly. Regular Sports Camps are also held in the afternoon to groom young players in the sport of their own interest. UGI has established “Unique Hockey Club” to give young players an opportunity to prove their skills.

Our Achievements in Sports:

  • Unique under 16 cricket team qualified for the Kardar Cricket Cup 2017 arranged by PCB
  • Winner of 26 Medals in Punjab Olympics 2015 in different sports.
  • Winner of 1 Gold , 1 Silver & 1 Bronze Medal in BISE, Lahore Inter School Athletics Championship 2015..
  • Winner of Lahore District Aerobics Championship 2015-16.
  • Two Unique Students selected for Under 15 Cricket Team in National Cricket Academy (2016).
  • Regular sports camps (Cricket, Hockey, Badminton, Table Tennis).
  • Unique has established “Unique Hockey Club" to groom boys and girls at school level.