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Admission Procedure

For admission to any class in Unique High School for Boys, an admission test is held in the subjects of Urdu, English, General Science and Mathematics as well. 40 % pass marks are required to be eligible for admission in all the four subjects.

Age Limit
Class Age
6th 10-11 years
7th 11-12 years
8th 12-13 years
9th 13-14 years
10th 14-15 years

Make-up Classes
Make-Up Classes are especially conducted for those students who joined the academic session either a little late or missed the lectures on any reasons. These classes help them learn more about the lectures in hand and to complete the syllabus in time.Make-up classes are meant for the students who join the academic session late and these classes help them learn the missed syllabus and catch-up with rest of the section without any difficulty or burden on the parents.

Remedial Classes
Remedial classes play an important role preferably to suggest a remedy against weaknesses in any subject of their studies. Unique has comprehensively started Remedial Classes at all levels. It has always been the professional trait of UGI to launch remedial classes exclusively for Matric and intermediate students as they become able to overcome their deficiencies to achieve excellent grades in their internal and external examinations.

Special Lectures
Special Lectures retain a major educational role because they exploit evolved aspects of human nature to make learning easier. These lectures are delivered to the high achievers and position holders to further enhance their intellect and learn the prompts how to attempt the papers to do well in the examinations. At UGI, services of the Subject Specialists, Senior Professors, past paper-setters and examiners are invited to deliver lectures to Unique schools and colleges to pour down their experiences to the students so that they may score maximum marks in the Board examinations.

Integration of technology
Technology is the use of technological resources like computers, mobile devices, smart phones and tablets, CC cameras, social media platforms, software applications, the internet etc. in daily classroom practices and in the management of a school. Technology Integration is a striking feature of Unique’s education policy. Unique’s academic software enables to record and monitor the performance of the students in a better way. The software, one of its own kinds, helps teachers, parents and students monitor their performance in a scientific manner. The results are usually translated into reality by the students as they are made to work hard.