Co-curricular Activities play an important role in the social upbringing of students at an institution. Unique has evolved a vibrant co-curricular calendar to benefit students in their education. A comprehensive
co-curricular calendar keeps students abreast of the world around them and helps in character building as well. Co-curricular activities include Debates, Speech Contests, Drama, Science and Art exhibitions, International Days, Seminars, Farewell Parties Annual Days, National Days and Recreation trips.

At Unique college, boys and girls are encouraged to take part in different co-curricular activities. Unique college houses Dr. Nisar Ahmad Auditorium which provides a platform to the students to nurture their
co-curricular skills. Students are given ample opportunities in co-curricular during two years of college stay.

Unique College observes all international days and events in which students take keen part. Unique College was the host of “Unique Drama Festival 2016 at Al-Hamra Cultural Complex under the aegis of Unique
co-curricular department. Students took active part in various events held by Punjab government during the year and won distinction.