The courses for studies have been chosen in line with modern and Islamic educational principles while it is ensured that a student completes his/her courses of studies twice in an academic year. At college, students are made to revise their syllabus under the guidance of experienced faculty who pays individual attention to all students and this enables us draw the maximum out of the students.

Under Unique academic system, it is ensured that a student takes 2 tests of every subject in a month while 4 tests of each subject are compulsory during revision.

Discipline is hallmark of academics at Unique college and it is ensured that students lead a disciplined academic life and never lose focus on studies.

A constant liaison with the parents is a high point of our academics which keeps students on their heels besides keeping parents abreast of their ward's academic performance.

In case a student is deficient in studies, our educational system takes care of the student and make-up classes, remedial classes, extra classes and special lectures are arranged by the principal on the recommendation of class in-charge or the subject teachers.

Make-up Classes
Make-up classes are meant for the students who join the academic session late and these classes help them learn the missed syllabus and catch-up with rest of the section without any difficulty or burden on the parents.

Remedial Classes
Remedial classes are arranged for those students who do not show as good results as others in a section and need special attention to learn different topics like others of a certain subject. The remedial classes help students to show better results at college.

Extra Classes
Extra classes are necessary if an entire section cannot complete the course of studies as per the plan due to unforeseen circumstances like unscheduled holidays or some emergency. These extra classes help students complete their syllabus as per the course-plan.

Special Lectures
Special lectures are conducted for the high achievers and class position-holders to equip them with more tricks of the trade so that they may enhance their academic knowledge and do well in the examination. Senior professors, subject specialists, past paper-setters of the educational Boards and examiners are invited to Unique college to pass on their experiences to the students so that they may score maximum marks in the examination. These special lectures enable the geniuses to improve their examination percentage significantly.

Integration of technology
Integration of technology is another remarkable feature of unique education policy. Unique academic software enables to record and monitor performance of students in a better way. The software, one of its own kind, helps teachers, parents and students monitor their performance in a scientific manner. The results are usually translated into reality by the students as they are made to work hard.