Unique Test Online

Unique Test Online is contrived by the genius of a body of highly dedicated, dexterous and enthusiastic experts full of creative ideas whose chief preoccupation is to provide research oriented services pertaining to education for the students.

Unique Test Preparatory System as a matter of fact aims at providing online testing and test preparation services. With a tremendous penetrating vision, the impeccable foresight, and ineffable capabilities the Unique Test Preparatory System provides entire solution to the problems, the students come across in preparing their exams of any sorts. We come up with a novel and precise idea that is really unsurpassed, a solid and tangible reality that can bring revolutionary changes in the already existing Test Preparatory Systems.

The Unique Test Online is precisely designed to providing ineffable solution for the distant learners globally as well. It is the profoundest way to ensure equal opportunity to the students of either gender.

We bring academy to your laptop screens.


“We at UOTS pledge to design develop & direct the potential of our youth towards excellence by providing quality educational resources”


“UOTS is a project of UNIQUE GROUP of INSTITUTIONS which aims to provide quality oriented online testing & test preparatory systems for the young scholars of Pakistan”

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