Unique Junior School


Unique Junior School is inspired by the belief that education isn’t worth a great deal if it teaches young people to make a living but doesn’t teach them how to make a life. Since its inception in 1986, UGI has enjoyed a competitive edge in terms of academic results and a holistic concept of education.

All campuses of Unique Junior School offer a unique academic opportunity and a learner-friendly environment. Everything from science laboratory to library contributes to an all-round development of the students. Co-curricular activities take learning beyond the classroom and sharpen the latent faculties of the students.


The curriculum is broad and balanced with a strong creative and technological focus. It is designed to provide a solid foundation for the decisive early years of a child’s life as he/ she prepares for school. The school follows a skills-led curriculum around topics identified in the National Curriculum. The curriculum is based on active forms of learning stimulating the inquisitive minds to discover a new world. We believe in learning that is pragmatic rather than learning which is merely based on books.


Co-curricular activities can help students to become well-rounded. The range of options in primary schools helps students slender down their interests and discovers their passions. Co-curricular activities provide the opportunity for hands-on application of classroom lessons. Children who participate in co-curricular activities develop a healthy sense of competition yet learn to be cordial in defeat. Co-curricular activities provide opportunities for children to take initiative and learn effective leadership skills. They also provide an appropriate outlet for expressing feelings, helping kids learn to communicate and offer tangible rewards for hard work.

Medical Facility

A medical cell has been established in each campus to give proper medical treatment at the early stages. Cases of emergent nature are referred to the nearby hospital and parents are duly informed in this regard.


Our goal is to provide a wide range of games and sporting activities to groom a healthy youth. Various games and indoor physical activities are held including:


Annual Prize Distribution ceremony is held every year during the month of March. Scholarships and prizes are given to students to acknowledge their outstanding performances and achievements in academics as well as co-curricular activities.


Parent-teacher meeting is an opportunity for parents to learn about their children’s progress in school and for teachers to gain insights into their students’ home and community lives. Parent perspectives on students’ strengths and needs, learning styles, and school learning opportunities can help teachers shape their instructional methods. The School management conducts bi-monthly parent-teacher meeting. This frequent interaction of parents and teachers gives both an opportunity to know the academic progress and personality grooming of the child and to redress his/ her issues, if any. Besides scheduled meetings, parents are also encouraged to contact the class In-charge and teachers if they want to discuss any problem or suggest something for the improvement of the child. They can do so on Saturdays or even on workdays during the school hours.

Transport Facility

Unique High School maintains a transport service to facilitate students. The students can avail themselves of this service on the approved intra-city routes.


Spacious campuses, foolproof security, spacious cafeterias and caring administrative staff make students confident and important.

Admission Procedure / Fee Structure: