Unique College


Every individual living in a society has his obligations towards his nation. Education is, therefore, the foremost obligation sector in nation building. Education policy of all the institutions should aim at the development of an individual physically, mentally and spiritually.

UGI, in line with its vision and goals, is committed to educate and train its students in such a way that helps them become self-confident, and self-dependent. Therefore, UGI focuses on student’s character building and harmonious development of personality through enlightenment of head and heart.

UGI was founded in 1986, by Prof Abdul Manan Khurram, with the aim to disseminate knowledge under and educational philosophy based on modern teaching principles without compromising religious, socio-cultural and moral values. Unique education philosophy constitutes truthful teaching, close monitoring, testing and evaluations, and rewarding students with scholarships for the fullest possible development of student’s potentialities and capacities.

Today, Unique has designed its own exclusive academic and administrative software to monitor and evaluate performance of its students in its pursuit of producing the best results, a cherished goal at UGI. Unique college so far has clinched top positions in the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE), Lahore.


Unique Group of Institutions (UGI) pursues the highest academic standards with the goal to provide quality education and groom students as leaders imbibing tradition keeping close link with the present and the modern in accordance with the religious, social and cultural norms.


A wide range of subjects is offered in different classes. Students are encouraged and advised to select the subjects of their own choice from following combinations.

Intermediate : FSc(Pre-Medical, Pre-Engineering), General Science, I.Com

Salient Features